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4 Reasons Why Credit Monitoring is a must🌡

4 Reasons Why Credit Monitoring is a must🌡

Every new year we make resolutions on what we hope to achieve by the end of the year, with most people this resolutions go straight out the window after a few weeks.

Resolutions are considerably easy to make and I guess following them is the hard part but there are a few things that should just be part of everyday life and credit is one of them!
Credit gives you access to a lot, so much so that those without access to credit are defined as being financially excluded and very much so it should be.

Credit allows us to buy a new car, a new house, pay our rent on time etc.
So that being said credit should be very important and the key to credit lays within your credit file.. So why wouldn't you monitor your credit file?

4 Reasons why credit monitoring should be a must💧

1)Credit monitoring helps you spot Identity fraud⛔

Yes folks, Identity fraud is real and if you don't look out for it it will be looking out for you. If you monitor your credit file you will be able to spot fraudulent associations on your credit file as well as fraudulent applications for credit.

2) You will spot where to make changes🔥

By monitoring your credit file you will know where to make changes on your credit file to help improve your credit score. Using services such as Huuti(Our rent reporting tool) will provide you this detail. Insights such as reporting your rental payment for example might help boost your credit score by a few points

3) It puts your expectations in check😮

By monitoring your credit report you will know what your score is and therefore you will know what financial products you will most likely qualify for. This allows you plan your financial life and set your goals in line with that.

4) Rent reporting is here✔

As rent reporting is now a thing you must ensure you monitor your credit profile to ensure your rent is being reported correctly. It will be a shame to pay all that rent and then not get credited for it now wouldn't it!

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4 Reasons Why Credit Monitoring is a must🌡
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