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4 simple Ways to Create a Better Landlord-Tenant relationship💧

4 simple Ways to Create a Better Landlord-Tenant relationship💧

In England, it is fair to say that landlord dominate the market and set rent prices that would send shivers through a tenants body. This in fact has been helped by the rising property prices which have to a large extent kept out first time buyers and turned them into full time renters.

It might cost as much to rent a 2 bedroom house in London as it would to pay a typical 20% down mortgage on one so you might be saying to yourself, why in the world would anyone choose renting over home ownership? Well my dear eagled eyed reader, it’s really not a choice born out of desire, in fact it isn't a choice at all.

The Uk housing market does not afford us choices so it is in fact the only option for most wannabe first-time buyers due to the spike in housing prices.

A deposit for an average house in London will soon approach over £100,000 and that will barely give you room to do a stretch in your hallway, if you could let alone fit through without having to do the shuffle sideways.

So, situation has forced your hand and you end up with a landlord. Here are a few tips to keep you off his/her toes and ensure all goes well until you muster that £100,000 deposit and move into a home of your own.

Tenant landlord relationships do not place the burden on either party. You are just as responsible as your landlord is to get things done and done right .. hopefully the first time.

Your landlord will get to take care of your needs, ensuring there are basic amenities in the property and that everything functions just as it should.Your landlord will rather have you in the property than out due to the costs of finding a new tenant and money lost whilst you are out of the property. So providing the basics might not be out of the goodness of their hearts but rather out of a desire to see their revenues not dwindle.

Landlords and tenants therefore have a relationship where power can so easily switch from one party to the other for whatever reason.
Here are a few ways to ensure everything works out best.

1) Document your communication in writing and photos.

It is very easy for someone to say I don't know or I can't remember. You should always document your communication for the avoidance of doubt.This doesn't just go for you but should be something your landlord does as well. This method allows both parties to be accountable to everything they say.

2) Be thorough.✔

Moving in can be hard and boring but moving out or living in an environment you don't like can be just as bad. The moving in process is very key and you should spend your time ensuring everything is as they say and as you desire. Look, document and report everything which sticks out.

3) Be understanding✔

Things might not always work out and sometimes you might need to both make compromises. Be respectful in your dealings with your landlord and they will most likely be respectful to you too. We are all human and can't operate efficiently all the time so be conscious of this when dealing with your landlord.

4) Make your lives easier✔

DO the simple things that make the landlord-tenant relationship easy. E.g setting up your direct debit or standing order to your landlord so they don't need to remind you to pay. Easy things such as this can go a long way. Paying your rent is not just good enough, reporting your rental payments to the credit bureaus might give you a boost in your credit score and history. You can do this simply by reporting via a service such as Huuti. Rent reporting is a fairly new thing so be sure to have a look round at the service offerings and how good they are before signing on.

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4 simple Ways to Create a Better Landlord-Tenant relationship💧
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