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Colley surveyors (Help)

Colley surveyors (Help)

A brief note on colley surveyors

Colley surveyors was a surveyor firm owned by the Lloyds banking group from 1999 to 2018. It stopped operating in 2018 and transffered it staff and assets to E.surv, a competitor. As a suveyor colley surveyors would have carried out conveyancing work for home buyers, those remortgaging and mortgage lenders.

Colley sruveyors was said to have had over 200 surveyors and carried out 430,000 instructions at its peak in 2014.

Colley surveyors worked hand in hand with the Lloyds banking group and was recommended to mortgage borrowers looking to do a home survey. In most cases the banks will go as far as to enecourage the borrower to use colley surveyors rather than an independent surveyor.

Colley surveyors received a fair amount of bad reviews for negligent valuations which its surveyors had carried out.

Most of these cases against colley surveyors will have been settled in private and their outcomes are anyones guess.

If you are looking to make a complaint about colley surveyors then you should first contact the Lloyds banking group who owned Colleys at the time of your valuation report or survey.

You should then look to contact E.surv who are essentially the new home of Colley surveyors.

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Colley surveyors (Help)
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