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Disregarded property

If you own a property and you do not live in it then it can be counted as capital benefit. This will be taken into consideration when you apply for benefits.

If a property is disregarded, it is not counted as capital for benefits.

Your property is classed as disregarded if you have not lived in it for 6 months and you:

Left due to a break-up with your partner
Took steps to put it on the market
Bought and plan to move into it
Sought legal advice or started legal proceedings to occupy it
Moved out so essential repairs could be carried out and you plan to move back in
Money can be disregarded for 6 months too, if it is:

  • Proceeds of the sale of your home, to be used to buy a new home
  • Home Insurance payout received for damage to your home
  • Loans taken out for renovations to your home

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Disregarded property
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