Does overdraft affect credit score uk?

Does your overdraft affect your credit score in the UK?

Your overdraft does affect your credit score in the UK as it is marked as a balance which you are currently carrying and whilst it may not significantly drag your credit score down the fact that you have a constant balance which you have carried from month to month will affect your credit score from climbing as high as it may be able to.

You will be able to see your overdraft balance n your credit report as any other entity would. This is because your overdraft is a credit facility between you and your bank.

Being in your overdraft will certainly affect your credit score but being in an unauthorised overdraft will more than likely do more damage to your credit score the longer you have an unauthorised overdraft.

You will also likely incur unauthorised overdraft fees from your Bank for being in your overdraft as well as the damage to your credit score.

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Does overdraft affect credit score uk?
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