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Your home movers checklist⬆

Your home movers checklist⬆

You just bought your new house and you are still a bit overwhelmed with everything happening. It's often so easy to downplay the importance of a successful transition to your new home. In this brief guide we will explore a home movers checklist and what you should ensure you do to ensure a smooth transition.

Budget costs✔

Well, you should have seen that one coming. Budgeting is a very important factor in anything we do. And just as you have been budgeting for the purchase of your new home, you must budget for your home move if not you will see costs spiralling out of no man's land.

You should use a home moving calculator to see all the costs involved in moving homes.

So what are the home moving costs?🤑

Well, let's take a step back. If you did your home moving costs budgeting then you are already one step ahead and know what you need to pay for what. You should have out money away for the home moving costs and inquired with all third parties involved for firm quotes which you can rely on when you are ready to proceed.

Some of these costs will include but are not limited to:

Storage costs:🛵🛴

Yes, so when you move you will often find that you do have some hoarding traits and there are so many things that are in your home that you haven't seen for years. Now is a good time to dispose of them or sell them. If you want to sell them you might need to put them away in a storage unit

Removal van costs:🚚

Removal vans help you transport the stuff that you do need to your new home. Before hiring a removal man ensure that they have appropriate insurance to make sure that your goods are insured.

You can check to see if your current home insurance policy covers you for any property transportation and if it doesn't and your home removal van service doesn't then you should get appropriate insurance. In most cases you should be able to find insured removal services by going on the website of the British association of removers.

Royal mail post redirection cost:📬

The royal mail post redirection service should help you not miss out on any important mail by redirecting it to your new address. You should check the royal mail website for update prices.

Cleaning costs:👞

You might need to hire a professional cleaner to clean your old house or flat so it is presentable to prospective buyers or your landlord( to avoid losing your rental deposit for pesky things such as a dirty rug). Your new house might also need some cleaning , especially if it is brand new.

There might be some dust or just a bit of dirt which requires a professional cleaner to come in and do a good day's work. In any case, new home builders should make the house as presentable as possible but their standards may not be up to yours.Cleaning costs can vary. It depends on the size of the house and complexity of the work.

Home insurance🏡

You can't miss out on home insurance as your mortgage lender might make it a condition of the sale. This means you might be in breach of your terms and conditions if you do not get a buildings insurance. Thus covers fire, flood and structural damage. You should also consider getting content insurance to cover the goods in your house.

Before settling down for a home insurance product ensure you have a good look around as prices can differ incredibly from provider to provider.

Cancel or transfer your old bills🔥

You will have to inform your old suppliers that you are moving home at least 30 days in advance. This is really for your benefit as they can now book in dates to come do any transfer of writing or setting up any routers so your current utilities can be moved over. Some utilities will not require an moving over but you will still need to inform the supplier that you have moved homes.

You are not obliged to stick with the same supplier and you can simply close your account if you have nothing outstanding.

If you do set up new utility accounts then ensure your billing for the new accounts are set up correctly.

Inform your council😶🎈

You should inform your local council that you are moving homes to ensure you have satisfied any council tax you owed on your current property. You should also inform the new council where you are living that you have recently moved so they can set up your new council tax account for you.

And that's all folks!

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Your home movers checklist⬆
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