/ maximise your phone data

How to maximise your phone data📞

How to maximise your phone data📞

Phone data has become increasingly expensive over the years. Some even fear that the big networks are colluding to keep the prices sky high.

So how do we use our shiny devices and not get charged data fees for going over or running out of data.

Monitor your data usage✔

The first way to maximise our data is bey knowing how much we typically spend on data each month and how much data we use. You can check for this in your account settings under data on your mobile phone or you can download the apps of your mobile network provider. O2 and three are just some of the providers with apps.

Android and IOS also have apps which allow you to track your usage directly from your phone.

Never turn your wifi off⭐

Your phone will randomly connect to wifi when available so leaving this on will help save on your data.

The Uk has quite a lot of wifi spots which your phone can automatically pick up on and connect to. These include the BT free wifi hotspots, the O2 and the cloud wifi hotspots .

Your broadband provider might offer this service and you might be able to just register on their website and have access to this. It is worth asking them!

Not all wifi networks are equal so you should inly connect to networks you recognise. Fraudsters have been known to steal peoples data from unsecured wifi networks which give access to a people's personal data, passwords etc. You should also get a secure mobile security app to ensure your mobile device is provided from hacking.

Stop the data gobblers🤑

Some apps on your phone will constantly run in the background using up all your data even when your phone is idle. You can limit these apps by going into their permission settings. You should also always close apps once you are not using them to ensure they don't just idle away and gobble up all your data. Log out of apps once you have used them, this not only makes your data last longer but is good practice incase your phone goes missing.

Background refresh and push notifications are the easiest things which you can turn off and save yourself loads of data.

Don't use your data abroad⛳

Roaming charges aren't great. They are expensive and damn right evil in some cases. Most carriers will allow you roam within europe at the same rate which makes your money stay in you pocket longer. You should check with your carrier before flying into a different country on how much they charge to roam etc.

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How to maximise your phone data📞
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