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Introducing Huutis’ Prospective First-time buyer app.

Last week we launched our Beta list. A new tool that is making a big impact for thousands of young people across the UK, by helping them get onto the property ladder faster!

At Huuti we promise to deliver on these three areas:
Telling you what you need to know about mortgages, Showing you exactly how you could improve financial position and Showing you how you will be viewed from the lenders’ side.

Here’s how we do it:


Mortgages are hard to understand and researching them sometimes only brings more confusion for us, first-time buyers. Like where do I start? What’s important to me? And what’s preventing me from qualifying?
Huuti eliminates this confusion by providing you with the information you want to see in the way that you want to see it. So there is no more need to have 20 tabs open trying to find the right answer!

Financial Barriers

We have all made mistakes in the past, some that can even affect us financially. We don’t believe in letting them hold us back.
Huuti helps individuals to overcome these barriers through the insights that we provide, giving every individual their personalized action plan to reshape their affordability and ultimately their future!


Lenders criteria are very strict and specific. Huuti uses this to help you plan, showing you from day 1 what could potentially hold you back and how to fix it. Putting you in the strongest position possible to secure a mortgage.e.
We have an open door policy and love to hear from the community, please ask us any questions you may have at Hey@huuti.co.uk. Be sure to sign up to our beta here

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Introducing Huutis’ Prospective First-time buyer app.
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