/ lifetime payback guarantee

Lifetime payback guarantee

Lifetime payback guarantee

What is the lifetime payback guarantee?

A lifetime payback guarantee is essentially a clause in an insurance plan which states that the insurance will pay back a minimum of what the insured has paid over the term of the insurance through their premium payments.

Lifetime payback guarantees are now more common with insurance providers in the UK but are mostly found on over 55 insurance plans.

With the lifetime payback guarantee, no customer who has an insurance plan with this clause will get back less than they have paid to the insurer when the insurance eventually pays out.

What insurers offer the lifetime payback guarantee?

Some insurers providers offer the lifetime payback guarantee.

These include:

Smart insurance

British seniors insurance agency and more.

If the lifetime payback guarantee is an important factor for you when seeking out insurance then you should ensure you ask the insurer if they have life insurance products with a lifetime payback guarantee.

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Lifetime payback guarantee
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