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Money Broker

What is a money broker?

A money broker is a person who sits between two parties and brokers the transfer of funds, credit, debt etc. If you are thinking of becoming a money broker then read this short guide from reed.

A money broker can operate in the retail environment to end users as well as in the financial markets with businesses, banks and corporate institutions.

A money broker will usually be paid commission which is usually a size or fraction of the deal they have brokered.

In the retail market a money broker may deal as the following:

A credit card broker
A mortgage broker
A loan broker
A foreign exchange broker
A debt broker

In the financial markets which are not available to retail investors, a money broker may be involved in:

A stock exchange broker who executes trades on the trading floor
A different type of stockbroker who deals with retail orders
A broker who trades, bonds, stocks, and other commodities.

The term money broker is in itself broad and could mean a variety of roles which many people do in the financial markets

Money Broker
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