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The other gender gap costing women😮

The other gender gap costing women😮

The “GENDER INVESTING GAP” is something women need to overcome.

Now, it’s easy to feel like investing🌐 is just another jargon, stuffy old boys’ club with bad suits. But the truth of the matter is that in the investing world, it’s actually women who have proven to be more powerful. They just have to get over one big obstacle: STARTING.🤔💯

The biggest #investing mistake that women make isn’t over-trading, panicking during market downturns, being overconfident, or any of the other mistakes that tend to trip up investors. Rather, their main problem is simply NOT INVESTING at all. Of all the assets controlled by women, a whopping 71%🙄 of that is just sitting there in cash (by comparison, men keep about 60 %of their assets in cash).

Not only is that money missing out on the potential return from market gains and compounding, but it’s effectively shrinking in value as a result of inflation .

You may be killing it 🔫⚰at your job, but just making money isn’t enough—you also need to make your money work for you, and that can’t happen if you’re not invested in the market. So whats stopping women? There is an abundance of financial apps, investment managers etc ready to help you but your money to better use. All you need to do is start. Start today, not tomorrow as the oppurtunity cost of not starting is even greater as they days go by.

The good news💻📺 about the gender investing gap is that we may be able to close it. Investing helps you work towards the things that matter most to you, whether that’s the trip of a lifetime or retiring at 50.😣🌱


Mention, investing, though, and many people have the same reaction: How could something risky like investing in the stock market help someone work to achieve a stable financial future? Its simple, investing in itself is not a risky act. The actions of investors and investment managers are the risky element of investing.

It turns out that we have a habit😑😐 of overestimating the riskiness of investing, which stops us from taking the necessary step of investing at all.

It’s a shame, really, because studies show that women👩‍🏫 are actually better investors than men—so the last thing you want to do is leave it to the boys to handle (no matter how much he gloats about his amazing returns). ⠀
You must be your own boss😎😎

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The other gender gap costing women😮
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