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The real truth about Gold

😒Let's be real about the role of gold🕎 in a portfolio. Yes, it can be part of an overall allocation. But, gold👑 is not a replacement for a diversified portfolio.📈 The media📺 are really good at making gold sound like the answer. Especially during times of crisis. ⚠️"It's the only real money!" I've heard it all.

But here is the hard truth about gold:
Gold has lost value📉 relative to inflation since 1981. Despite what gold advocates will tell you, gold is a terrible long-term hedge(bet) against inflation.

Gold is three times more volatile than stocks. For investors fleeing the stock market because it is too volatile,☢ gold is not the answer. It is a bigger roller coaster ride than the stock market!

It's all that matters in a failed economy. 🤔Here's the deal. We can look at real examples of failed economies. Take New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina as an example. First of all, if you could get to your gold, I doubt you could have bought much with it. On the other hand, you could trade anything for a bottle of water or gallon of gasoline.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, gold is not very useful. What matters in that environment? Guns. Water. Food and well Bitcoin… Yes Bitcoin.🙄🤔 Our lawyers asked us to remind you. This is not meant to be interpreted as financial advice. ALWAYS SEEK INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVICE.

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The real truth about Gold
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