/ what car can i afford uk

what car can I afford uk

what car can I afford uk

The car you could afford in the Uk will depend on how much you earn and your eligibility for car finance such as personal loans, personal contract purchase plans, hire purchase or a lease.

Affording a car in the Uk will not only have to do with the cost of the car, but you will also still have to pay other costs such as:

Car tax
Annual MOT
Fuel or diesel charge
Congestion charge( if you commit into London)

So what car can you afford in the UK?

Expenses chart: New car vs used car

£850 - new car
£900 - used car

£500 - new car
£500 - used car

Servicing and maintenance
£300 - new car
£600 - used car

Vehicle tax
£10 - new car
£20 - used car

Estimated annual depreciation
£7,600 - new car
£2,450 - used car

Running cost
£1,660 - new car
£2,020 - used car

Total cost, including depreciation
£9,260 - new car
£4,470 -used car

What car you can afford in the UK will depend on if you can first afford the standard costs of running a car.

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what car can I afford uk
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