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Why you need insurance💎

Why you need insurance💎

Insurance is very important in our financial lives. It protects ourselves, assets and investments.

Insurance removes the risk and liability away from us and we will need it at different times in our life.

You may need

Car insurance🚗

Car insurance is insurance we are legally required to get when operating a motor vehicle on the road. There are three main types in the UK. Comprehensive, third party and third party , fire & theft.

Health insurance💌

Health insurance is insurance we get to cover the cost of our medical expenses. This is especially useful when travelling to a different country where medical costs are not covered by the state.

Life insurance👨‍👦‍👦

Life insurance is insurance you get to cover you in case of unforeseen death. Life insurance will pay out a one time lump sum to your beneficiaries upon your death.

Mortgage protection🏠

A mortgage protection insurance will cover you in case you fail to make your monthly mortgage repayments due to long term illness or an accident which forces you to stop working.

Home insurance🏡

Home insurance will cover you if you for theft, fire and damage to your property. You can either get buildings cover which covers your physical structure whilst buildings and contents will include the contents of your house.

Business insurance👨‍💼

Business insurance will cover a whole variety of things to do with your business including its equipments and liability against claims made against you.

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Why you need insurance💎
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